Mason Hults

Mason Hults

Mason Hults

Director of Programming

Mason is a career educator dedicated to a systems approach to global education. Most recently he designed and facilitated virtual courses on the history of housing segregation in the United States, history and human rights in the DPRK, the history of sugar and slavery in the Caribbean, critical service learning, and personal identity and cross-cultural awareness. He brings his background in nonviolent communication and language learning to every subject he teachers. His most recent intellectual pursuits are deep dives into climate fiction, public lands and environmental advocacy, and the way landscapes mirror American culture.

Mason has lived abroad in Chile, France, Spain, Niger, Costa Rica and northeast Brazil, as a learner, a teacher and a grass-roots community development agent. He has worked and lived mostly in rural areas working on projects in many sectors including education, agriculture, microfinance and ecotourism. He was a United States Peace Corps volunteer from 2010 to 2013 and manages several languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hausa and is currently learning Navajo.

Mason is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he studied bilingual learners, moral mentoring, cultural awareness and human development. He studied during his undergraduate years in Flagstaff, Arizona and spent his childhood in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. In the U.S. he has lived in Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, Massachusetts and New York City.

When he is not leading Envoys students, you’re likely to find him in Flagstaff, Arizona at the swimming pool, backcountry skiing, playing ultimate frisbee and disc golf, or wandering through the wilderness with close friends.

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