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Envoys' Field Educators are the heart of our immersive learning experiences. They bring passion, mentorship, and cultural curiosity, transforming travel into dynamic classrooms. Inspiring a global perspective, they nurture open-mindedness and adaptability, fostering a love for lifelong learning and wanderlust. These visionary leaders instill resilience, problem-solving, and empathy, empowering students for a confident journey in our interconnected world.

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Envoys Field Staff receive specialized training in cultural sensitivity, risk management, and global education methodologies. With a profound understanding of diverse cultures, they skillfully blend academic content with immersive experiences, creating a rich global learning environment. Our in-house training is enhanced through partnerships with Expert Online Training, Sparkwise, and Global Rescue, ensuring a holistic foundation for youth development.

Global Education

At Envoys, we believe that the work of the present and the future demands effective collaboration across geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural boundaries. Our team of global educators combines expertise in cultural immersion, experiential teaching, and international relations to design transformative learning adventures. These experiences cultivate adaptability, empathy, and a lifelong passion for exploration in students.

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Hear from our staff

Every team member at Envoys is passionate not only to enrich each student's experience but to make the world a better place whilst being there for a coworker they might have met minutes before. I could write a book about why I love Envoys. But maybe there are not enough words to describe the family which I am fortunate to be a part of.


James Viafore

Envoys is teaching the next generation of global leaders. As field staff, I’ve felt humbled by this task, inspired by our students, and empowered by the community of educators with whom I’ve worked. They are passionate, practical, and deeply knowledgeable about the world.

zach taylor

Zach Taylor

As a long-time collaborator with Envoys, leading groups in Morocco, I appreciate their commitment to cultural exchange, staff training, and global connections. Envoys is a vessel for worldwide learning and skill development, fostering valuable experiences and connections."


Karima El Alami

Travel expands minds, reveals biases, and shapes perspectives. Thoughtful experiential education guides young minds to transform moments into lifelong insights. I find immense joy in supporting and witnessing the profound impact of this work.


Shona Workman

At Envoys, I evolve into my best self, honing skills in leadership, budget management, logistics, and coaching. Engaging with students provides fresh perspectives, while global travel unveils diverse cultures. It's a vibrant community of passionate professionals fostering outdoor and global education.


Jeronimo Bermudez

At Envoys, I've grown personally, embracing diverse cultures and perspectives. As a field team member, I've found my purpose—to build a better world by empowering students. Being part of this amazing team is a responsibility to instill reflectiveness in youth, nurturing future global citizens who drive positive change.


Gabriela Soto

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