Experience a different side of the United States and learn about the culture and traditions of the South West.

Envoys has partnered with community schools in Tucson, Arizona to set up an amazing opportunity to experience a different side of the United States. Working hand-in-hand with Native-Americans and Latinos coming from economically challenging communities, Envoys participants will participate in a service project proposed by the school administrators to improve the community livelihood.

Potential program themes

The reality of the “American dream”
Migration and the US border

Sample Itinerary

Students arrive at the airport in Tucson, where we transfer to a local hotel and prepare for the upcoming experience

After breakfast, we tour the immediate Tucson area, becoming more familiar with a “new face” of the United States. As part of our tour, we divide into small groups to engage a scavenger hunt adventure. Beginning in the heart of the city, we continue through famous parks, cathedrals, historic hotels, theaters and the El Presidio, with numerous stops along the route to complete challenges and decipher clues. In the afternoon, we regroup to discuss our perceptions of Tucson and prepare for the upcoming service experience.

We spend three days participating in a service project, working hand to hand with students, families, and teachers in improving the school operations and the community livelihood. It will be a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful service experience.

We rise early to undertake a truly magical experience closing our trip: A hot-air balloon ride through the Tucson Mountains and Saguaro National Park West. This unique journey combines low level views of the beautiful desert landscape and spectacular panoramas from higher elevations. We also have the opportunity to spot numerous wildlife, including javelina, deer, bobcats, rabbits, foxes, and red-tailed hawks.

During the afternoon, we spend our time exploring the greater Tucson area before our closing dinner.

We close off the program in the morning and catch our flight home.

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