We explore this urban mountainous metropolis, experiencing the city as locals do.

Through both structured and unstructured experiences, students familiarize themselves with this urban mountainous metropolis, living downtown for the week and experiencing the city as locals do.

We immerse with and assist alongside team members at the GrowHaus, an urban farm and aquaponics garden that serves resource-scarce communities in urban Denver.

We explore how small businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits are bringing people, positive activity, and business back to downtown Denver. There are two sides to every story, and as Denver revitalizes, some are more included in the new opportunities coming to town than others. From direct conversations and immersions with healthcare providers, homelessness advocates, and public policy experts, we explore how a city succeeds–and falls short–of helping those most in need.

Potential Project Themes

Urban planning and development
How to feed a metropolis
The relationship between urban and rural life

Sample Itinerary

We begin our time by touring one of Colorado’s largest producers of sustainably farmed beef and learning about how livestock are managed on a major commercial farm. Students also build understanding of the Sustainable Farming movement and the challenges it seeks to tackle.

We explore supply chains through an industry with one of the shortest farm-to-store supply chains: cut flowers.

We learn how flower producers farm, harvest, and distribute cut flowers in Colorado. We learn about how local farms must compete with global markets during the off-season.

We spend our third and fourth days of the trip doing service learning on a local farm and learning about the typical roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders on a farm.

Working outside in the fresh air alongside one another where the fruits of our labor are tangible and visible at day’s end gives our team the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, completed together.

Students immerse within different projects in collaboration with the GrowHaus in Denver, while also participating in food education curriculum to paint the whole picture of how an organization like Growhaus serves its community.

Different student interests can be met through a variety of opportunities to support the GrowHaus business, agricultural, community development, and educational services. Students will build an understanding of how these services combined provide a comprehensive and invaluable resource for the surrounding community.

Our final full day in Denver begins with a team-based scavenger hunt beginning along the 16th Street Mall and using free public transportation to explore different concepts and lessons learned across the program. Teams collect artifacts, document different activities, and interview different local stakeholders to complete the challenge.

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