Uruguay Sustainability

Sustainability and Clean Energy Solutions

Uruguay’s stable democracy and wide range of social benefits have made the country considered by many to be an exemplar for the region. Peace, stability, lack of corruption, income equality, and freedom of press have created a context for continued innovation in the use of clean energy.

Starting in 2005, Uruguay transformed its energy sector, creating a mixture of policies and investments focused on wind and hydropower. By 2015, nearly 95 percent of the country’s energy came from renewable sources, placing the Uruguay is at the forefront of a growing movement of countries, communities and individuals who are changing the way they generate and use energy.

Goals and Objectives

Innovation transforming the energy sector

Students apply a systems thinking analysis to the recent transformation of Uruguay’s energy sector, breaking down aspects of economic policymaking and international trade to better understand the national economy.

Sustainable economic and social growth

Students develop empathy through authentic interaction with local people. We interview everyday citizens and learn from peers of the same age to gain a real perspective of the way the growing economy has lifted people up or left them behind…

Solving social problems through technology

Students engage with IDEO’s design thinking method to understand the issues that Uruguay faces completely. They then apply their learning to invent creative solutions, in the process learning about their own learning processes.

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