Understanding Tradition in North Africa

Through interacting and engaging with diverse Moroccan traditions, students will also be able to understand and reflect on a range of global issues, and on their place within our international community. Students bring the concepts and frameworks they develop at school into a new world of languages, traditions, and cultures in order to build a more complete and coherent model of global citizenship.

The breathtaking scenery, great diversity, and famous hospitality of the Moroccan people provide a wonderful context for this program. A melting pot of histories, religions, and cultures that demonstrate the intricate connections that bind us together, Morocco is an ideal setting for students to develop cross-cultural competencies, build stronger French and Arabic language skills, and deepen their knowledge of other cultural contexts.

Goals and Objectives

Cultural Sensitivity Laboratory

Students will explore the myriad historical, linguistic, and cultural traditions that make up Morocco today through structured and unstructured interactions with their Moroccan peers. We believe these are critical competencies to building understanding and empathic learning within new cultural contexts.

Theory of Knowledge

How do people from North Africa understand the concept of identity? What influence does their formal education have on their conception of identity as a construct? How can we know how people identify — Moroccan, Amazigh, French, Arab, Muslim?

Constructing Understanding

Students reflect on the way they learn throughout the program, identifying areas for growth and improvement. As the program finalizes, program staff leads guided refections that help students create plans for action once they get back to school.

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