Forests cover 30 per cent of the Earth’s surface and in addition to providing food security and shelter, forests are key to combating climate change, protecting biodiversity and the homes of the indigenous population.  Thirteen million hectares of forests are being lost every year while the persistent degradation of drylands has led to the desertification of 3.6 billion hectares.

Deforestation and desertification – caused by human activities and climate change – pose major challenges to sustainable development and have affected the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the fight against poverty. Efforts are being made to manage forests and combat desertification.


Explore how access to food is linked to socioeconomic status, geography, race, and health in Colorado.

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Environmental Stewardship in the Modern Age

We engage with local communities working on issues of on land rights and conservation in Saguaro National Park in Arizona.

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We explore the industrial and political achievements in Uruguay that have resulted in 95 percent of the country’s energy coming from renewable sources.

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Urban Asia: Models or Missteps?

We look at the different approaches to development in dense urban Asian ‘mega-cities” to determine if they are a solution for population growth or a dystopian future.

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Conservation vs. Development

Delve into the tensions between preserving the natural environment and providing economic growth in the Galapagos Islands.

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