Language & Culture


Duration 10 days
Suggested group size 12 - 20 students / 2 Envoys Field Staff
Suggested ages 14 - 18
Experience Language
Multiculturalism & History


Language & Culture


Taiwan's rich history, diverse geography, and innovative technology create an ideal setting for Envoys' experiential learning programs. From bustling Taipei to rural villages, Taiwan provides a range of experiences, showcasing cultural diversity. This program exposes students to the contrast in Taiwan's heritage, explore ancient and modern ways of life, exploring urban and natural sites and gaining insights from Taiwanese peers.

“Night markets pulsate with energy, while serene tea plantations whisper tales of a culture steeped in history and innovation.“


“Ancient temples harmonize with misty mountain landscapes, forming a symphony of tradition and modernity.“


Impact Statement Everywhere we go, we carry a promise – to engage with respect, act with purpose, and leave a positive imprint. As envoys of our journey is more than travel; Our footprint is light, but our impact is profound, creating bridges of cooperation and mutual growth across the globe.

Day 1

Upon arrival, students head to their accommodations, and then participate in creating a full value contract with the team to get the most out of their experience. They'll receive a briefing on Taipei 101 before heading out to dinner.

Day 2

After breakfast, students head out to visit the National Palace Museum. They spend the afternoon exploring and doing a walking tour of the city, culminating with dinner at the Ning Xia Night Market. They have a chance to experience a night of KTV Karaoke before heading back to the hotel.

Day 3

On the third day, we stay in Taipei city to do a school exchange with a local institution (pending availability), where students have an opportunity to share their cultural backgrounds, share lunch and get to know one another. The group eats dinner together before spending the night in Taipei.

Day 4

We depart for Hualien. With its towering peaks, crystal blue skies and scenic valleys, students have a chance to bask in nature for the day. After arriving, they have lunch and then break into groups for a scavenger hunt in the city. Then, they spend the afternoon relaxing at the beach.

Day 5

In the morning, we transfer to Taroko, where students have an opportunity to visit a tea plantation and learn about this cultural and historical practice. Some exploration time is built in after lunch for students to get to know the area. We sleep near Qingjng.

Day 6

Today we visit Guangyuan Latern Factory, where students learn about the history and culture behind this culturally significant lanterns. Then, we transfer to Jiayi to visit the sacred trees that have been guarded for generations and are held in high regard by the local population. We sleep in Tainan

Day 7

In Tainan, students learn about the history of Dragon Boat Racing and its importance Taiwanese culture, promoting unity, teamwork, and physical fitness. After lunch, the group embarks on a boat tour through the Sicao Green Tunnel, a striking canopy of mangrove trees.

Day 8

The day begins with a visit to the Lotus Flower Experience at the United Lily Nations Recreational Park. After lunch, students head out on a city tour of West central Tainan City to visit the Confucius Temple and Koxinga Museum and Shrine.

Day 9

After breakfast, the group visits a nearby mango orchard. They have a chance to talk with the workers, learn about the process of picking mangoes and pick some themselves. They return to town for lunch and then go to the Ten Drums Cultural and Creative Park for an experience in music and culture.

Day 10

On the last day, students visit the National Museum of Taiwan History before heading out on a city tour of Tainan City. Then, they have a chance to debrief their experience. In the afternoon they head to the Matsui outlet mall for a bit of exploring before transferring to the airport.

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Lenses of Inquiry



This program aims to deepen students' understanding of Taiwan’s cultural heritage, encompassing both traditional and modern ways of life. The program encourages students to appreciate the nuances of Taiwanese culture by engaging with various urban and rural environments.



The geographic lens encourages students to explore and contrast different landscapes in Taiwan, from the bustling metropolis of Taipei to the serene rural villages in the south. This lens aims to foster an appreciation for the diverse environments that contribute to Taiwan's unique cultural tapestry


Technological and Innovation

Through this lens, students are able to grasp the role of innovation in shaping Taiwan's contemporary landscape. Through the perspective of Taiwanese peers, students gain insights into the technological aspects that contribute to the country's dynamic experiences.


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