Land, Home & Heritage


Duration 10 days
Suggested group size 12 - 20 students / 2 Envoys Field Staff
Suggested ages 14 - 18
Experience Adventure & Sustainability
Indigenous Land Rights


Land, Home & Heritage

Panama II

Panamá is the world’s only true land bridge. A profoundly diverse country where indigenous cultures, local farmers, scientific researchers and international corporations cohabit--It provides access to a wide spectrum of learning and experiences. This internship in Panama engages students in a global epicenter of trade, exploring current cultural and environmental challenges, and local perceptions of the world and their surroundings, and the impact for local indigenous communities.

“From the biodiversity of Darien to the modernity of Panama City, this isthmus invites explorers to traverse its landscapes. “


“Unveiling the treasures of both nature and civilization.“


Impact Statement Everywhere we go, we carry a promise – to engage with respect, act with purpose, and leave a positive imprint. As envoys of our journey is more than travel; Our footprint is light, but our impact is profound, creating bridges of cooperation and mutual growth across the globe.

Day 1

Students are warmly greeted by their Envoys educators and transferred to their accommodations. Later they receive a safety briefing and an activity that builds the group dynamic and sets some shared agreements. After exploring the surrounding neighborhood, the day concludes sampling local cuisine.

Day 2

In the morning, we explore the revolutionary Panama Canal locks, analyzing their history and ecosystem impact. After lunch at City of Knowledge, we hike through the urban jungle of Parque Metropolitano. At the highest point, we rest and discuss the program's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Day 3

Students walk through the Cinta Costera, a land reclamation project on the oceanfront, and conduct a people-watching activity to understand the culture of the city. We then explore the Punta Culebra Nature Center. After lunch on the Amador Causeway, they enjoy an afternoon bike ride in the area.

Day 4

Students explore the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) in Gamboa, contributing to trail maintenance. They observe diverse wildlife, supporting RDC's conservation mission. The day concludes by ascending the Canopy Tower for a panoramic view of the rainforests near the Gatún and Miraflores Locks.

Day 5

We journey 2.5 hours southeast to Guna Yala, using 4x4 trucks and a ferry. Upon arrival, students receive safety guidelines. Afternoon activities include swimming and relaxation, followed Panamanian specialties for dinner. The evening marks a midpoint reflection on our travel and learning journey.

Day 6

Over the next days, students contribute to global environmental awareness through citizen science projects while snorkeling. They connect with local vendors, learning about island lifestyles and preservation challenges. Despite language barriers, shared experiences foster strong connections.

Day 7

On our last day in Panama we visit Casco Viejo, exploring its restored colonial architecture and economic rejuvenation through tourism. The afternoon offers optional activities, and the day concludes with a debrief and reflection workshop for students to share their learnings with the community.

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Lenses of Inquiry


Sustainability & Service

Panama is an isthmus, and therefore home to some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. We experience both the jungle and marine life, and visit celebrated museums that help provide a foundation of what they see in person. We also engage in environmental service with a local Envoys partner.


Indigenous Land Rights

The Mamoní Preserve, only two hours away from Panama City, conserves the Chagres National Park border and Guna Yala territory. Students explore the land grant partnerships with the government, reflecting on indigenous ties to land and the preservation of culture and identity.



Students in panama have the unique opportunity to travel to San Blas islands, Guna Yala's ancestral home, via 4x4 trucks and a short ferry ride operated by local community members. Embracing island time, we appreciate the relaxed pace and respect for local communities and the environment.


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