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Programming Throughout the World

Our operational team works constantly to develop programming throughout the world. Utilizing our portfolio of online courses, workshops, and travel opportunities, our partner schools are able to dramatically expand the realms of possibility for their global citizenship and cross-cultural competency curricula.

Latin America

Drawing upon our roots in this continent, we create authentic and transformative experiences in Latin America. Students have the opportunity to stay with local families in an Andean village, work on an organic farm in the Galapagos Islands, hike through to the famed Ciudad Perdida in Colombia, learn about the traditional customs of Amazonian indigenous tribes, conduct ecological research in the Panamanian wetlands, and more. We break a sweat on the salsa floor, delve into the cool tartness of ceviche, and harvest coffee beans alongside the local citizenry. Most importantly, we learn about the hopes, dreams, and realities of life for the people of South and Central America.


On February 22nd, 1784, the Empress of China left New York City harbor bound for Canton. This maiden trading voyage from the USA reinforced a longstanding route between West and East. Centuries later, the connections between Asia and the rest of the world have deepened considerably, offering a wealth of opportunities for those with the ability to communicate across cultures.


Birthplace of mankind and home to more than one billion people, Africa has a vital role in both the history and future of the world. Understanding the continent is critical to understanding our common humanity. From the rugged beauty of the Simien Mountains (the “Rooftop of Africa”), to the calm shores of Lake Malawi, we delve deep into the warmth of African culture. Meeting with a range of businesspeople, educators, and social entrepreneurs, we work to dispel myths about the continent, building a picture of the real complex beauty of each unique country.


There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity. The legacy of the Grand Tour, coupling aristocratic trappings with concepts of romantic travel, still influences the destinations tourists choose and shapes the notion of sophisticated travel. Envoys programs push beyond these constructs to examine the reality of life on the European continent, eschewing broadly superficial sightseeing for deeply meaningful experiences.

North America

Our work as educators reflect the reality that global citizenship can hold different meanings for youth and families coming from different regions and communities, throughout the world. We design programs that build deeper understandings of regional differences and historical contexts, and thus developing the skillsets to better serve as an interlocutor between cultures in the future.

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