Peru Service Project

Transforming Lima’s Slums

Around the world, the prevalence of substandard housing and lack of services creates dire consequences for public health, restricts inhabitant’s potential for achievement, and violates human rights. The sense of urgency that existed in these slums led to the creation of non-profit organizations seeking to overcome poverty through the joint work of families and youth volunteers.

We work directly with organizations with this focus in Peru, building an understanding of their model for development and experiencing firsthand the power of mass mobilization. Explorations of the country outside of Lima and and site visits with additional organizations provides students with the data necessary to create a nuanced analysis of the project.

Goals and Objectives


Build understanding of the inextricable links between poverty and ill health


Evaluate models from multiple actors in alleviating housing issues in Peru


Develop in students the desire to work to diminish the impact of poverty on health

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