Pathways to Peace — Colombia

Rebuilding Social Contracts

Colombia’s rapid return to stability provides an optimal context to explore the realities of conflict resolution, as systemic inequalities within the nation threaten to disturb the newfound peace.  Students confront the history of conflicts within Colombia, and then learn how that history has shaped the lives of individuals around the country.

We examine the potential for healing in Colombia, visiting social entrepreneurs working in different sectors around the country.  We go ‘behind-the-scenes’ to learn and participate in their everyday operations, delving into the various public and private arenas by which people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds are working together to build (and rebuild) their national identity and social contract.

Goals and Objectives

Conflict Resolution and Leadership

Envoys’ relationships in Colombia provide students with the chance to meet directly with leaders from various sectors of economy and society. Students bring their big questions to the table by meeting some of Bogotá’s most influential leaders in the spaces of education, politics, and economy.

Reflecting and Refining

Service with a whole new frame of reference. Through structured written, verbal and creative refection, students find ways to take their new understanding of service and action back to their own community.

Inspired Action

Students explore the tensions between environmental policy, cultural heritage and economic development, particularly through the lens of the tourism industry. They meet with environmental activists, community leaders and tourism industry representatives and understand that from tension comes community action.

Systems Thinking

Evaluate the potential for different models of social enterprises working to create peace in Colombia

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