Missteps and Models

Urban Asia

Models (or missteps) for the world?

During the first decade of the 2000s, more than 200 million people moved from rural to urban areas of East Asia, one of the largest migrations in recorded human history.

The continued rise of Asian ‘mega-cities” has created many challenges, and the negative possibilities of these dense urban areas provide one view of a dystopian future. However, a mixture of governmental and private actors in China, South Korea, and Japan are working to develop new models to tackle issues of public transportation, provision of services, air pollution, overcrowding, natural disaster response, and more.

Goals and Objectives

Safety Action

Learn about threats to the natural and man-made world and how those threats might be minimized.

Systems Thinking

Learn how to use systems thinking and scenario planning to see how population demographics are dictating the future of urban life.

Environmental Action

Inspire students to strive to understand threats to the natural environment and innovation methods to minimize those threats.

Constructive Reasoning

Inspire students to use critical reasoning skills to create the future that they want.

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