Japan: the Role of Technology in Postmodern Japan

The role of technology in postmodern Japan

Adopt, adapt, adept.

Throughout history, the Japanese have followed this three-step approach to localizing and improving foreign ideas to fit within their cultural milieu. This tradition of refinement has created a culture that is reflective of the world, yet uniquely Japanese.

We explore the role of technological innovations in shaping (and being shaped by) Japanese culture, examining how combinations and clashes between tradition and modernity have repeated in Japan’s modern history.

Goals and Objectives

Technological innovation and economic development

Learn how Japan has leveraged technological innovation within its own cultural patterns to accelerate its economic development.

Technological development and social impact

Learn how the exponential rate of technological development has impacted Japanese society.

Technology as a tool for solving social issues

Evaluate the ways in which Japan is attempting to utilize technology to resolve different social issues.

Critical thinking on technology use

Inspire students to engage in thoughtful consideration of the ways in which they currently utilize technology.

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