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Field Staff

Envoys is always looking for talented staff to lead our trips. Are you the right person for Envoys?

Current Field Staff Needs — January to July 2020

You enjoy working with children, outdoors activities, and foreign travel. Yes, that’s everybody. Now let’s narrow it down a bit.

You are excited about the education-for-global-competency movement. You have seen the rise of global education and believe that this trend is part of making the world a better place. However, you want to see the trend move beyond a series of lists and frameworks to the actual work of building real, measurable, skills.

You know that the potential for educational experiences outside of the classroom is immense, and that such experiences require detailed planning and preparation. You believe that intentionality, curriculum, and assessment are required for educational travel to be worth the investment that schools and families are making.

You have proven expertise and academic training in education, international development, business, environmental sciences, and/or media production. You are comfortable delivering online, regular, and experiential lessons on these topics.

You have professional and academic references who will attest to your greatness. You are extremely comfortable in foreign environments and can model behaviors of empathy and cultural sensitivity.

You rock with technology (or, at least, you are not afraid to learn). You are flexible, hard-working, and willing to go ‘all-in’ to do something great.

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Graduate Interns

Envoys Interns undertake specific projects designed to meet organizational needs and build on individual talents and experiences. We are also open to creative proposals from talented individuals or teams.

The selected interns will

1. Extend knowledge of global citizenship education
2. Get better at instructional design and understanding student/school needs
3. Develop expertise in curriculum design for online and experiential learning contexts
4. Develop expertise in multi-faceted evaluation and assessment design
5. Gain exposure to and practical experience in the operations of an innovative educational venture

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Partnerships Manager

Envoys is seeking a Partnerships Manager to join its North America team. The partnerships manager will support Envoys school partnerships in the development and execution of professional, pedagogical-driven global education programming.


  • Development and maintenance of new Envoys school partnerships in the United States and Canada.
  • Serve Envoys existing school partners in the development and execution of the highest quality global education experiences for students.


  • Establish contact and develop relationships with schools that lead to the consolidation of a portfolio of new partnerships.
  • Create proposals and other school-facing documentation that serves in the development of partnerships and programs.
  • Work collaboratively with Envoys school partners both in-person and virtually throughout the program development and execution process.
  • Assist Director of Partnerships in the expansion of programming model and the execution of strategy for increasing quantity of partnerships.
  • Develop new strategies for growth in Envoys’ North American special programming; including Thanksgiving programs, Fall Programs, Specialized Curriculum programming, among others.
  • Attend conferences and seminars to represent Envoys, broaden the network and represent Envoys and its role in advancing global education forward.
  • Travel cumulative 4 weeks annually to schools to assist in Envoys network maintenance, business development, and curriculum development.
  • As expertise in education and globalism grows, lead 2-3 programs every year.


  • Demonstrated experience with sales, relationship development, fundraising, or other external client-facing roles.
  • Demonstrated experience working in the development and maintenance of partnerships with outside organizations through business development, fundraising, communications, or otherwise; OR, demonstrated experience working within a school through initiatives in and out of the classroom.
  • Demonstrated experience working in the fields of education, social entrepreneurship, global development, or international relations.
  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign.
  • Understanding and familiarity with the role of dedicated businesses in the execution of social missions.
  • Hard-working professional with advanced social skills and willingness to step in as needed.
  • Excellent writing skills with fluency in contemporary conversations in the field of global education.
  • Deeply passionate about global education.
  • Willingness to travel 1+ months per year.
  • Preferred: language proficiency, preferably Spanish.


  • The position must be based in New York City or San Francisco.
  • Salary commensurate with experience and costs of living in base city. Envoys offers a competitive health care plan and other benefits.

Apply for Our Partnerships Manager Opportunity

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter outlining their interest and experience relevant to the position to hiring@envoys.com.