Divided Koreas

Divided Koreas: A Nation Seeking its Grief

South Korea

Far and away the per-capita leader in outbound international students, the site of the ‘Miracle on the Han’ has a wide network of academic, diplomatic and economic relationships. As changes in the global political economy continue to heighten the geographic significance of the Korean peninsula, the dense web of connections results in a true global ‘hotspot’.

This program focuses on the impact of the DPRK/ROK split on the economies and the people from each respective nation. We learn about both the inherent sadness related to the division as well as the enduring hope for reconciliation.

Having moved from the OECD list of recipients to donors of development aid, the Republic of Korea is a true success story of economic growth and industrialization. The country now stands as a global industrial powerhouse, known around the world for advances in shipbuilding, steelworking, and electronics. This climb, however, has created a mania for competitiveness that has given rise to elevated rates of depression, alcoholism, and suicide. As a post-industrial culture radically different than that of the United States, the exploration of South Korea is critical to understanding the true benefits and costs of economic growth.

Goals and Objectives

Conflict analysis

Learn the elements of conflict between the two Koreas

Civic response

Learn how individuals and civil society have responded to the reality of a divided nation


Inspire students to understand that there are different ways to respond to conflicts, and build respect for the resiliency of nations and individuals

Conflict resolution

Evaluate the types of international conflict resolution methods that have been undertaken on the Korean peninsula


Inspire an appreciation for the emotional turmoil created by war

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