Colombia: Tracing International Trade

Coffee, Pottery, and Mochilas

Tracing International Trade

With a fast growing, diverse economy and youthful demographics, Colombia was named by Economist Intelligence Unit as a member of the next generation of ‘tiger economies’. However, Colombia remains one of the most unequal countries in the world, with stark differences in opportunities and living conditions for different members of society.

These systemic inequalities threaten to disturb the newfound peace, creating a heightened urgency within the nation. We delve into this issue by tracing selected products back through various processors and middlemen to their initial source, learning about the impact of trade policies on each stage of the value chain.

Goals and Objectives

Understanding national and international development policies

Learn about approaches to growth and development and the role of Colombian (and international) politics in the deepening of inequality within the country.

Understanding the effects of free trade

Learn about concepts of free trade and how real individuals in Colombia have been affected by changes in international trade regimes

Critical thinking on development and culture

Inspire students to further question and examine their own interpretations and understandings of growth within cultural contexts

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