Los Angeles is an epicenter for the study of the connection between people and the food they eat. This program provides students appropriate lenses to explore Plant-based Living and the learned norms around how we consume food. Rather than push a certain way of eating, this program is designed to help students make their own informed choices.

Learning Objectives

Appreciate the myriad challenges and perspectives related to food justice and food choice from a multiplicity of lenses.
Explore the health outcomes of plant-based lifestyles as well as the environmental outcomes of such ways of being.
Build an understanding of how animal and plant-based food is produced, processed, and consumed in the United States. How is it changing?

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 5 or 7 day itineraries.

We arrive to Los Angeles and get settled, enjoying the hike up to Griffith Observatory which gives an expansive view of the city and important context. We spend a full day with Farm LA, looking into Food Justice and Urban farming.

We spend a day immersing with LA City Commission on animals to learn about land bridges and get to know animals at the Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary.

We tour the Getty Center and explore its beautiful spaces, as well as meet with Genesis Butler, a youth activist and plant-based diet advocate. We also enjoy a vegan cooking class.

We head to Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the sights and sounds of surf, and hold our program debrief before transferring to the airport.

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