Photography has always been a powerful tool for shifting public perception.
A single image can have enormous impact, transporting the viewer and upending their worldview. We’ll hone our skills as nature photographers and discover how our work can inspire environmental conservation.

Learning Objectives

Develop their photography skills with a special emphasis on nature photography in various conditions and settings through workshops with professionals.
Come to understand the importance of photography in environmental conservation work and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world as they realize the impossibility of truly capturing it on film.
Better appreciate the threats posed to these landscapes by climate change and human industry and reevaluate the potential magnitude of their individual impact as an environmental conservation activist.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 5 or 7 day itineraries.

We arrive in Jackson, Wyoming and bond as a group with a photo scavenger hunt. A visit to the National Museum of Wildlife Art gives us a sense of the existing canon, and our first photography class prepares us to join it as artists.

We spend a few days hiking and camping in the Tetons, attempting to capture the indescribable beauty of nature in a landscape photography practicum.

We journey along the Snake River on a whitewater rafting trip, developing skills in photographing moving water, astronomy and wildlife.

Students develop a final portfolio and an artist’s statement, reflecting on what they will bring forth into their lives and how they hope to use their new skills to inspire awareness and action.

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