Silicon Mountains:
The Wild West of Innovation

Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver and Boulder have become a hotbed for innovation, tech companies and talent. We explore the important facets of technology, including security, growth, privacy and equity with top executives. We gain first-hand knowledge of the fundamentals of coding through a mini bootcamp.

Learning Objectives

Learn the fundamentals of coding and explore potential career paths in technology.
Gain a first-hand and deeper understanding of the future of innovation and the workplace.
Demonstrate critical consciousness about the various interests and conflicts surrounding technology, including security, growth, privacy, equity and beyond.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 5 or 7 day itineraries.

We arrive in Denver and spend our mornings in a coding bootcamp, learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. We hike the Chautauqua trail for views of the Front Range to understand the topography and how tech growth has influenced urban sprawl.

We continue the coding bootcamp, focusing on the fundamentals of JavaScript. In the afternoons, we meet with the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and the US Olympic Committee Technologists to explore ethics, security and inonovations in tech.

We spend the remainder of our mornings breaking into groups for a mini hackathon to apply what we have learned and build our own websites. We continue visiting with tech executives to discuss current topics in tech and their career paths.

We present final websites to the group and to industry professionals. We reflect on our experiences during the program, and consider how technology will continue to impact our lives and future careers.

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