Little Havana: The Cuban Diaspora in the Magic City

The common history of Miami and Havana goes back for many decades. And while this connection shows its face in the food, façades, and music, beneath the surface there is even more history and co-created culture to examine. We explore Miami, practising our Spanish where possible, and discovering the murky history and the blurry line between Miami and Havana, between Florida and Cuba.

Learning Objectives

Understand and analyze the geopolitical and social motivations for mass immigration of Cubans to Florida.
Compare and contrast Cuban culture in Miami with Cuban culture on the island.
Gain an understanding of the concept of “diaspora”, connect it with other diasporas around the world, and discuss how culture can persist or be threatened when a population is dispersed.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 3, 5, or 7 day itineraries.

The first few days in Miami are spent understanding the flavours, sounds, smells, and feelings of Cuban culture. Food tour and walks around mainly Cuban neighbourhoods to give a sense of the people and who they are.

Several days are spent engaging with the vibrant fine art and performing arts community, searching for the various narratives beneath what we see and hear. Also examining how Cuban writers face different opportunities in Miami and Havana.

The history of US-Cuba relations is one of the most intriguing and generative topics that can be engaged in. Students take a look at how history is written, who writes it, and who it is written for.

The closing ceremony takes advantage of the different creative means for expression that have been witnessed on the trip and plans are then made to share all the learning back within their own communities.

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