How we eat, what we eat, and where our food comes from are complex and inextricably linked questions in the U.S. We explore Denver’s new urbanism against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and how access to food is linked to socioeconomic status, geography, race and health.

Learning Objectives

Gain a deeper appreciation of farming by working along GrowHaus to maintain crops, supporting distribution to local grocery stores, and participating in community space operations.
Build an understanding of the complexity of food systems and the challenges to food equity in Colorado through the juxtaposition of rural and urban food systems.
Better understand the challenges of land and water rights and the effects of population surge on wildlife and conservation.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 5 or 7 day itineraries.

We arrive in Denver and spend the first couple of days in an aquaponics and farming immersion at the GrowHaus, a nonprofit working to combat food injustice and food insecurity in Denver.

We tour Denver’s incredible graffiti and public art that depicts the growth of Denver’s recent growth and the cultural identity of the region. We juxtapose that experience with a trip to the Denver Art Museum.

We head into Rocky Mountain National Park for two days of outdoor education and wilderness immersion, helping National Park rangers with their ongoing projects.

We spend time with local enterprises who support Colorado’s food system and communities. We visit the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to learn about ongoing work to better the lives of Denver’s homeless.

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