Immigration and the US/Mexico Border

This program examines the ‘ground-reality’ of immigration within the United States, providing opportunities for students to seek out the truths that exist outside of our urban bubbles. We will aim to recognize how the strands of the American story are woven by a variety of people within and beyond their borders.

Learning Objectives

Have a deeper understanding of the fragile myth of the ‘American Dream’ and begin to consider the students own role in its perpetuation.
Open the students minds, hearts and eyes to the world around them by experiencing the reality of those closely affected by migration.
Able to articulate with well-structured arguments as well as the students own perspective on migration and immigration in the United States.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 3, 5, or 7 day itineraries.

Our first days in Tucson will serve as an introduction to understanding the main challenges of immigration in a border state. We will become familiar with this ‘new face’ of the United States.

We will visit a variety of organizations working to provide services and advocate for the Latino immigrant population. Hearing their stories, and understanding their struggle, will help build our empathy.

A visit to the Sonoran Desert will bring us closer to the realities faced by people crossing the US-Mexico border every day. Projects like “Where Dreams Die“, “No More Deaths“ and “Missing Migrant Project“ will help us rebuild our personal concept of the immigration issues in the US.

Our program ends with a visit to the Nogales Border, where we’ll engage in a frank and respectful dialogue with immigration agents. The experience will provide key input for our discussions back home.

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