Beyond the Tech Hub- Seattle

Seattle, the home of behemoth tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft, is also one of the nation’s fastest growing hubs for tech startups. We delve into the social and economic opportunities and challenges facing the Emerald City as we explore the industries and career paths of technology.

Learning Objectives

Students learn how STEM is applied in different fields, gaining fundamental skills in coding and robotics and exploring potential career paths.

Students demonstrate critical consciousness about the various interests and conflicts surrounding the tech industry, growth and its effect on the community.

Students gain a first-hand and deeper understanding of the future of technology and the workplace.

Places and Activities

This program is flexible, and can be offered in 3, 5, or 7 day itineraries.

We arrive in Seattle and visit the famed sites of Lake Union, the Space Needle, and Kerry Park to understand the topography and urban sprawl. We meet with Habitat for Humanity, Project Homeless and Fare Start to discuss how tech growth has affected affordable housing and homelessness.

We meet with executives of Amazon, Microsoft and other tech startups to discuss current topics in tech and their career paths. We join STEM students at the University of Washington to explore the STEM experience within higher education.

We participate in robotics and coding workshops with Ada Developers Academy and Seattle Robotics Society to get a glimpse into the fundamental skills needed for these fields.

We reflect on our experiences during the program and consider how technology will continue to impact our lives and future careers.

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