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Regional Travel With Global Significance

Envoys is a platform for schools to achieve their Global Education goals. We have seen the demands placed on teachers and administrators for a 21st Century approach to education and the need for accountable and dedicated support to meet those demands. Envoys recognizes the necessity of travel experiences that are geographically close to home, but that allow for the study of topics central to global competency like immigration, environmentalism, social equity, and multiculturalism. We believe that students can learn second languages, interact with multiple cultures, and research global topics in micrcosm without needing to board an airplane. What can you do in your region?

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The Northeast

From issues of social justice in Philadelphia to ethical conundrums in biotechnology, the Northeast offers opportunities to ask what’s right and what’s not. If environmentalism and hydrology is more up your alley, check out the Quinnetukut watershed program. The Northeast remains relevant and exciting for student travel.


Envoys domestic programming in the Southeast comprises a variety of interconnected topics: civil rights history, race and ethnicity, and contemporary issues in American democracy. Students engage with our nation’s complex past by speaking with people who live in the present. Through interviews, site visits, and roundtable discussions with experts, they map the territory they will explore in the years to come.

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