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Civic Leadership

Democracy’s Promises and Perils Washington, DC

Opportunities to travel to Washington, DC are valuable for students’ understanding of the social and political history of the United States, as well as for their understanding of civic responsibility. But for students, these experiences are often tourist-driven blurs of museums, lots of walking, and lots of listening.

This Envoys program provides a different perspective on DC, putting students in direct and frequent contact with elected officials, policymakers, and thought leaders that provoke their sense of civic duty.

Goals and Objectives

Know Your Capitol

We begin our time in Washington, DC familiarizing ourselves with the layout of the city and growing our situational awareness so we can be thoughtful and responsible travelers and engaged listeners.

Policymakers, Movers, and Shakers

Then, we move into several days of immersive, active, and engaging experiences. Through partnerships carefully developed by Envoys, we are able to get first hand experience with the people who make our capitol function day after day.

Breaking it Down

How we use our time:
• Interviewing Policymakers
• Smithsonian Scavenger Hunts
• Equity and Inclusion Workshops on Inequality and Homelessness in DC
• Meetings with Museum Curators
• Meeting your Elected Officials
• Mock Congress Simulation
• Peer-to-Peer interactions with the Senate Page program and Senate Youth Leadership programs
• Student-driven city explorations based on pre-departure research projects

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