Argentina: development pathways in Latin America

Argentina: Development pathways in Latin America

With bountiful natural resources, a highly educated and diverse population, and an industrialized economy, Argentina can be considered a case study for success. Moreover, as the birthplace of the tango, Che Guevara, and Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina’s cultural legacies have impacts that spread far beyond its borders. However, Argentina is also a case study in ‘should haves’. Since reaching a peak of the world’s seventh- wealthiest nation in 1920, the twentieth century has seen Argentina follow an often-tortuous path of political turmoil and economic crisis. Traveling through and experiencing this vital and vibrant nation provides the perfect context for considering development models and the role of external forces in mitigating (or exacerbating) crisis.

Goals and Objectives

Institutional Fragility

Learn about the breakdown of trust in institutions caused by Argentina’s debt crises

Connecting Locally

Inspire a connection to Argentina’s people, culture, and country that goes beyond classroom learning

Understanding the effects of the debt crisis

Evaluate the tangible and intangible effects of the debt crises on Argentina, comparing urban and rural areas

Discussing global political economy

Act as knowledgeable and informed citizens who can provide fact-based arguments regarding international trade, capital ows, and other aspects of the global political economy

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