Out of the Classroom,

Into the World.

Envoys BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a suite of free virtual resources for students and schools to enjoy. Through webinars, workshops, and digital resources, we hope to keep everyone connected during the COVID-19 crisis through our shared passion for global education.

We Are Envoys

Envoys are different from the adventure-seekers, educated tourists, and backpackers also moving around the world. Envoys travel with open minds, confidence and compassion, seeking to learn about a culture and build lasting relationships with the local people. Envoys are empathetic souls.

Envoys travel not for themselves, but for the world.

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About Us

Our Approach.

Envoys recognizes the necessity of experiences outside of the classroom to develop globally competent youth. We believe that educational travel must meet the same high expectations that have been placed on the rest of the education sector.

Our Mission.

Envoys is an organization created by and for educators. We work with innovative schools and teachers to expand the boundaries of possibility for global education programming.

How We Work.

Upholding our mandate for community development, intercultural understanding, and empathy, Envoys partners with carefully selected experts at home and in our destination countries to develop educational experiences of the highest quality.

Envoys Testominals

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