Water in Japan

Water is Life


In Japan, people have a deep connection with the country’s plentiful water resources, creating a national culture where water is not only used wisely, but also in very unique ways.

We explore the country, making observations, conducting site visits, and engaging with a range of local people in an attempt to better understand the Japanese relationship with water in industrial, economic, and cultural spheres.

Goals and Objectives

Physical and Spiritual Geography

Participants delve into Zen Buddhism and the inherent respect for nature that it embodies. Students open their minds to novel ways of looking at the world and practice Zen meditation to learn about the nature of their mind and thoughts.

Japan’s Maritime World

Through direct interviews and conversations with local Japanese counterparts, students are better able to understand Japan’s relationship to the sea.

The Control of Water

Students will examine the unique interplay between industrialist and environmentalist approaches to water usage in Japan.

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