2020 Student SDG Summit

Convening the Future Changemakers

Envoys was proud to host the Student SDG Summit on November 7th and 8th, 2020. This Summit brought together a diverse group of students to take part in designing community interventions that advanced progress on the Goals. While learning about the various global issues that gave rise to the creation of the SDGs, students strategized together to develop ways to raise awareness and support the achievement of the Goals.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a blueprint for the transition to a healthier planet and a more just world, for present and future generations. With concrete targets, the Goals aim to end poverty and hunger, expand access to health, education, justice and jobs, promote inclusive and sustained economic growth, while protecting our planet from environmental degradation. 

Action is producing results, but climate change and rising inequality require an accelerated effort to make positive change. Conflict, politics and significant financing gaps have limited the impact of global efforts.

Program Details

Over the course of 2 days, groups of students from around the world will learn about the development of and progress on the SDGs from expert speakers and collaborate virtually to design a community or global intervention.

Far from being a lecture or a simulation, students instead worked directly to dream up new ways to accelerate progress towards realizing the SDGs on local, national, and global levels, presenting their final projects to UN Youth Observer Dustin Liu.

This was a student-driven event, facilitated by Envoys. While educators were welcome to observe, student groups did not need to be accompanied by a faculty member to attend.

Participants in this Summit had the opportunity to further their project ideas through the United Nations Association, allowing them to find additional collaborators, present at UNA/UN conferences, and work on the SDGs in their local community with like-minded UN advocates.

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