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We collaborate with partner schools and organizations to customize programming in South Korea.

South Korea

South Korea

The Cresting Wave

Having moved from the OECD list of recipients to donors of development aid, the Republic of Korea is a true success story of economic growth and industrialization. The country now stands as a global industrial powerhouse, known around the world for advances in shipbuilding, steelworking, and electronics. This climb, however, has created a mania for competiveness that has given rise to elevated rates of depression, alcoholism, and suicide. As a post-industrial culture radically different than that of the United States, the exploration of South Korea is critical to understanding the true benefits and costs of economic growth.

  • [Envoys] knows kids extremely well…they know how to be cool with them while still commanding authority and establishing ground rules…I was incredibly impressed with the protocols established and put in place by Envoys.

    Micah M., Traveling Faculty Friends Seminary Peru 2015
  • With its emphasis on empathy and general intelligence in planning, Envoys has quickly emerged as a premier global program provider. They are well worth the attention of any of our schools.

    Paul Miller Former Director of Global Initiatives,NAIS
  • Envoys was at the top of their game from start to finish. What initially interested me was their focus on curriculum during pre-departure meetings and the program itself. Envoys cares deeply about the experience of the participants and faculty. [They] constantly ask for constructive criticism and make changes when necessary.

    Joe Vogel, Executive Director Global Education Benchmark Group
  • Envoys carefully constructed an educational trip for students that purposefully engaged them to think, reflect, act, and enjoy. The travel logistics were always well-planned, and I had peace of mind knowing that my teen-aged daughter was in safe, responsible, and caring hands

    Alice T, Parent Deerfield South Korea, 2015
  • I could not have been more satisfied with the performance of Envoys throughout the entire process of planning and executing this trip. All Envoys staff demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication, as well as knowledge and competence. I am so glad that [we] chose to partner with Envoys!

    Rick S, Traveling Faculty Hingham Japan 2015
  • The team at Envoys did their very best to ensure that the the “i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed.” The staff was also quick to respond to any and all questions that arose prior, during and after the trip. My husband and I greatly appreciated the time Envoys took to provide preparation tips as well the planned activity schedules to help make our child’s South African trip a safe and memorable adventure”

    Regina J, Parent Dalton South Africa 2014
  • We had an amazing program. It was a biology teacher’s dream and Felipe and his crew couldn’t have been more thorough and professional to work with. Thanks for all of your efforts to organize an unforgettable experience for us all.

    Gerry, Traveling Faculty LCC Colombia, 2016
  • As a parent I felt the experience was well orchestrated and managed by Envoys. As a participant my daughter loved the whole experience; it is something she will treasure for the rest of her life

    Linda T, Parent Hingham Japan 2015
  • I don’t think it is possible to pull a trip like the Amazon and the many activities that you directed without the sense of purpose you have, without your drive for experiential learning for teenagers. All our experiences with the envoys team were amazing!

    Angela, Traveling Faculty RoundSquare Colombia 2015
  • It was not only the good times with our friends or the relationships we built but how we were after we came back, returning to this agitated society with a new view of ourselves and not just our impact on the world, but the world’s impact on us.

    Gabriela, Student Deerfield Colombia, 2014
  • The individuals we worked with, without exception, were all professional, courteous, patient, and greatly attentive to detail. As stated above, Envoys is flexible and works hard to make sure that if you have custom aspects to a trip that you want to add, they will work hard to make it happen for you.

    Adam H, Faculty Belmont Hill Japan 2016
  • I can honestly say that this was the best 10 days of my entire life. I feel as though I have grown as a person, and that I have made lifelong connections. This experience changed my life, so thank you very much to the entire Envoys staff!

    Eliza C, Student Hingham Japan 2015
  • Every single person working for Envoys is excellent and committed to the kids and their experience, not just during the trip, but before and after. We would recommend Envoys to anyone looking for a high quality and enriching summer experience.

    Amy G, Parent Envoys Malawi 2014 & 2015
  • The Envoys staff has been amazing. I have bonded with each of them in different ways and they made the trip to Colombia nicer that I expected. Envoys helped me open myself up to interacting with the locals wherever we traveled!

    Illeana G, Student Deerfield Colombia 2014
  • My goals were to learn about post-conflict Colombia and step out of my comfort zone. These were fulfilled each and every day through activities, reflections, and first-hand experience.

    Julia D, Student GEBG Colombia 2016
  • I was incredibly impressed by the care taken by Envoys. Before we even hit the ground, there was an emphasis on comprehending impact on our destination’s environment that I appreciated..Throughout the trip, our Envoys leaders made sure that we continued to be conscious of impact. That awareness of cause and effect is something that often gets lost when traveling, and Envoys did not allow it to. During this trip, there was never a moment I did not feel safe and cared for nor a moment where I did not feel I was learning something!

    Keylee S, Student Dalton South Africa 2014
  • “Many student groups participate in ‘Voluntourism’. This trip did not attempt that, but rather funneled the collective energy of each member into meaningful, mutually beneficial cultural interactions..Thank you so much for this unforgettable and transformational experience.

    Altana, Student Friends Seminary South Africa, 2016
  • The Envoys staff were very open about sharing their first-hand experiences, which was a game-changed in terms of learning about post-apartheid South Africa. Also, having everything planned to the T made me feel very safe. I knew that I was in good hands.

    Gio H, Student Friends Seminary South Africa 2016
  • The Envoys Staff were exceptionally committed to us and to the goals of our trip. They were thoughtful, kind, caring, friendly, with great sense of humor, yet serious in their connection to the ethos of professional development that was our trip’s purpose. I was struck over and over again by how they literally RAN to be in the right place to respond to any given situation.

    Constance, Traveling Faculty Friends Seminary Colombia 2016

Program Highlights

Dialogue with North Korean Defectors

We have the unique opportunity to interact with a group of North Korean defectors studying English in Seoul. Following a visit to the Demilitarized Zone, this person-to-person interaction allows for a deeper and more emotional understanding of the immense sadness surrounding the split of the Korean peninsula.

Buddhist Templestay

Designed to enhance the public’s understanding of Korean Buddhism, a typical templestay program entails participation in ceremonial services and Zen meditation. Meals are taken in complete silence with no wasting of food. Students engage in an overnight stay at the temple at the close of our time in South Korea.

Myeongdong and Nanta Drum Performance

The lively Myeongdong area provides the perfect environment to observe and experience modern Korean fashion and youth culture. After K-pop dance classes and explorations of the area, we go to the world-famous Nanta show, a non-verbal performance of traditional Korean drumming (samulnori) inter-mixed with lively and entertaining cooking. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, and pantomime, with room for participation from audience members.

KBS Baseball Game

Sports stand as one of the purest illustrations of how a populace comes together, and South Korea is no exception. We experience the unique joy of a Korean professional baseball game, replete with carefully orchestrated cheers and novel displays of fandom.

Insadong and Bukcheon Hanok Village

With a mixture of street vendors, art galleries, teahouses, and vegetarian restaurants, Insadong is one of Seoul’s foremost havens for the arts. The nearby Hanok Village is a carefully preserved site that allows visitors to experience the atmosphere of the Joseon Dynasty, six centuries in the past.

Tour of Hyundai Heavy Industries

Korea’s preeminent shipbuilding company, Hyundai Heavy Industries’ main shipyard in Ulsan is the largest in the world. Outfitted with cutting-edge facilities and the latest robotic equipment, the shipyard demonstrates the strength of Korean industry on the global stage.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 (International Travel)

Days 2-9 (Seoul)

South Korea’s capital and largest city, Seoul is constantly adapting, representing the cutting edge of modernity for urban life. The density of historical sites and cultural activities as well as the varied business, academic, and entertainment venues allows us to delve deeply into what it means to be Korean today.

Days 10 to 11 (Busan)

One of South Korea’s primary ports, Busan grew famous for tourism due to its wide beaches and teeming fish markets. Deemed South Korea’s “City of Tomorrow”, Busan is a dynamic metropolis that exemplifies the evolution of Korea.

Days 12 to 13 (Seomeosa Temple)

Built in 678, Beomeosa is one of the few areas on the Korean peninsula untouched by the Korean War. Located on Geumjeongsan mountain, the tranquility of the grounds provides the perfect venue for meditation and reflection.

Day 14 (Travel back Home)

After closing our program we travel back from home from Seoul.