2016-2017 Open Training Workshops

Faculty members leading global travel programs are often required to assume roles that fall outside of their previous training and experience. While the most effective programs utilize teams of leaders with diverse skillsets, developing individual capacities is a critical step towards programs reaching their maximum educational potential.

As part of our mandate to improve the quality of global education programming, Envoys is proud to offer the following training workshops, open to faculty from any school.

Seizing Teachable Moments

While traveling, the necessity of interactions with 'real people' and prevalence of unfamiliar situations provide a wealth of 'teachable moments', those narrow windows of opportunity for an educator to provide guidance, advice, and processing assistance. While an element of serendipity is unavoidable, we demonstrate frameworks, routines, and procedures that help faculty to make the most of these moments while abroad.

Beyond Head Counts

Taking students abroad carries inherent risks that cannot be eliminated. For new and experienced leaders alike, these risks can be mitigated by following certain procedures. Participants learn the real practices that Envoys uses to mitigate risk in the field, from navigating airports to inspecting transportation to homestay handovers. We close with a discussion on ways to empower travel leaders to make better decisions in the field.

Managing Communications

Successful travel programs rely on effective communications between parents, students, and faculty. As established methods, times, and boundaries are disrupted by travel, new procedures are needed to manage information flows. We review key principles and how they translate into field practices, including routine reports, leader meetings, and emergency situations. We also discuss useful (and not-so-useful) equipment and how the ‘home base’ can add value.

Policies in Practice

Ranging from electronics use to hospital visits to curfews, a school’s travel policies provide a firm foundation for travel leaders while abroad. However, any policy is only as good as the systems that allow it to be put into practice. Participants learn how to implement operating protocols that support faculty and students to uphold common travel policies. We close by working through real scenarios that demonstrate how these protocols provide value in the field.

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