GEBG Survey 2015


The purpose of this research project was trifold.

First, we aimed to build a more complete picture of how global education fit into the life of each of the different schools within the GEBG. Independent
schools, by and large, have the ability to create programming that is tailored to their own unique contextual environment. However,
commonalities in institutional goals and processes will arise, borne out by the aggregate wisdom of talented educators.

Second, we sought to better understand which factors of international travel programs were seen as truly essential by the GEBG membership. International travel requires substantial investments of time and resources, along with drastically increasing school exposure to risk.

Given the prevalence of alternative options to engage students in cross-cultural communications and learning about the world, it is therefore critically
important to clarify what makes a trip truly ‘worth it’. Third, we looked to gather data to support the construction of collaborative programs by the GEBG Board for member schools. The survey provides one illustration of both the collective goals for global education programming among member schools as well as insights into the programmatic themes and destinations that are under-represented amongst the current GEBG membership.


The survey was conducted through an electronic distribution to the GEBG membership during February of 2015. The total sample of 26 respondents represents 16.4 percent of GEBG member schools.

When relevant, Student’s paired t-Test, with two-tailed distribution were used to determine significance. Given the relatively small sample size, a minimum p=value of .01 was chosen by the research team.

The survey methods hold high potential for self-selection bias, and thus results should be considered as illustrative, not comprehensive. However, as the respondents have a highly specialized set of knowledge and experience of the status of global education within independent schools, their responses are considered to have high value for this analysis.

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