Chinatown USA: Chinese Diaspora Culture and Language Immersion in San Francisco

The Bay Area has the largest Chinese population in the United States. We explore the social, cultural, and political nuances of the genesis and development of the Chinese diaspora community in San Francisco. We explore identity and community through immersions in language, food, and culture. 

Learning Objectives

Develop an understanding of Chinese culture; its values, traditions, and rituals, through an examination of the Chinese Diaspora in San Francisco..
Understand the history of immigration in the 20th century, the geopolitical and economic factors that led to Chinese emigration and the establishment of a large Chinatown in San Francisco.
Experiencing the multiculturalism of San Francisco, Berkeley, and ChinaTown, understanding the distinct cultural influences evolving and shaping what it means to be Chinese or experience Chineses culture in 2020 in San Francisco.
Further developing Chinese language skills through immersive language exchange and practice.

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