Antiracism Statement

Black Lives Matter. 

We are living in difficult times that are raising uncomfortable, yet critically important, questions about ourselves and our world: how we protect and support each other, what voices we value, and how we will live together.

The senseless murders of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color by police in the United States and the ongoing fact of racial injustice is indefensible and devastating. Our friends, partners, and family members are hurting. We have failed to do enough, and must do better.

This is a moment in time when inaction and indifference are of great threat to the upholding of our collective values in the United States and globally. Taking input from our staff and partners, we are committed to actively identifying further actions. This work must be ongoing and in solidarity with the Black team members, students, teachers, parents, in-country partners, and vendors with whom we are honored to work. 

Envoys was built to further the universal values of empathy, understanding, and respect. We are committed to advancing social justice, whether in neighborhoods or nations. Antiracist work and curriculum appears and will continue to appear in our programming and be amplified by our instructors and administrators. 

We believe that the work done every day within our community of educators is vital to combating bigotry, violence, and injustice toward all individuals, and that there is so much more work to do. Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity with BIPOC and those taking action towards a better world.

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