Pedagogical Principles

Envoys pedagogical principles begin with a simple, yet powerful, idea drawn from the Teaching for Understanding framework:

People learn much of what they have a reasonable opportunity and motivation to learn.

Following this idea requires:

  • Clarity of Instruction

    Consistent provision of clear information, including explanations of phenomena, goals for learning, and expected performances

  • Opportunities for Action

    Regular and repeated experiences that require active engagement and thoughtful reflection

  • Intrinsic Motivation

    Activities combine elements of skill variety, task significance, and task identity

  • Understanding Performances

    Proof of competency through a visible medium

  • Useful Feedback

    Clear, thorough, and informative feedback to learners on their performance

Frameworks and Tools

Envoys utilizes a variety of pedagogical frameworks and learning tools to develop curriculum, design activities, and create optimal learning environments for our programs.