Global Citizenship

Envoys develops youth who are prepared to identify, investigate, and take action on issues of global significance

Empathy, Understanding, Respect

Envoys students build the capacity to experience the world through the eyes of others

Cultural Competency

Envoys targets, develops, and assesses the cultural competency skills necessary for the globalized world

Discovery of Passions

Envoys empowers students to take charge of their own journey in life

Enriched Learning

Envoys brings intentional and rigorous education outside of the classroom, ensuring that students appreciate the richness of the world around them


Envoys is an organization created by and for educators. We work with innovative schools to expand the boundaries of possibility for global education programming.

Our Story

Envoys founders first met as classmates at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They shared a passion for supporting students through the critical formative years and ensuring high standards for all forms of educational enterprise. In particular, they focused on the power of communication technologies and international travel to better prepare youth for the world... Read more

Our Approach

Featured Programs

Malawi Microfinance-in-Action


Experience life in rural Africa…

Exploring Culture in Thailand

Thailand--Dancing Woman

Journey to the land of sanuk

Thanksgiving in Boston


Thanksgiving in Boston; Engage in an enriching cultural experience.


Rose C.
Envoys Galapagos 2012

Envoys’ trip-tracking software and constant updates made me feel like I was a part of the experience--I loved it!

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